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BPEL Question : assign one xsd:unbounded to other xsd:unbounded

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Hi, i have a problem executing a bpel which maybe im procesing bad.
I am invoking some web services:

response of webservice #1 returns a list of elements. (xsd:)
request of webservice #2 receives a list with some elements from the response above (ws #1).
[JPG helps to understand that process.|]

is there somenthing im missing when I try to assign one xsd:unbounded to other xsd:unbounded?

runtime appserver stacktrace in the bpel process.
BPCOR-6129:Line Number is 77
BPCOR-6130:Activity Name is Assign_DatosGeneradorReporte
       at com.sun.jbi.engine.bpel.core.bpel.engine.impl.BPELInterpreter.createVirtualFaultUnit(
       at com.sun.jbi.engine.bpel.core.bpel.engine.impl.BPELInterpreter.execute(
       ... 7 more
Caused by: com.sun.xml.transform.sware.TooManyElementsException: Too many elements: {null}cedula
       at com.sun.xml.transform.sware.impl.DOMSorter.addToSortedList(
       at com.sun.xml.transform.sware.impl.DOMSorter.sort(
       at com.sun.xml.transform.sware.impl.DOMSorter.sort(