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    OpenESB BPEL SE Status

      BPEL SE versions available in current nightly builds have many cool features not included in version bundeled in "stable" Glassfish and Netbeans distributions. I mean especially:

      - monitoring API and command line monitoring tool
      - event listener interface

      I haven't found any roadmap for BPEL SE so I'd like to ask BPEL SE developers via this forum: are these features almost stable or are they in early access? Is there any term (approximately) since then should be this features considered stable for production use?

      We're planning project that should use both features heavily so some kind of perspective is really important for us.

      Thx in advance, Vladimir
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          Hello, Vladimir,

          The monitoring API and the tool development is underway and probably about 1-2 months to be stabilized, but I encourage you to try it and evaluate it since your comments will be absorbed into the final product. We are getting quite a number of requests from the community to build into the product, so it is an opportunity to make it more friendly and usable.

          Event Listener is not announced for public use because it needs to follow classloader hierarchy of JBI component, i.e. custom installed EventListeners should be visible by BPELSE classloader, we would like a more flexible mechanism to install custom EventListeners, but yet to find one. If you think this is a very useful feature and you can live with this limitation, please let us know and we will vote on it.

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            Hello Mei!

            I am interested in the usage of the event listener framework no matter what limitations it has. I am trying to channel business relevant events from an openESB BPELSE to a WebSphere Business Monitor and using the event listener fw seems to be the most transparent way. Unfortunatelly I have not found much information on how to implement a custom event listener. Could you throw some light on how to do it, please?

            Thanks for your help in advance.

            Viktor Müller