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    Help Needed...Oracle Apps Inventory

      I am new to this forum. My email id is sandra_forum2004@yahoo.com
      I need some help in inventory module
      2)Item Setup
      3)All inventory Setups.
      Can you guide be so that I could be knowledgable in this module.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Check this link for Users Guide on Inventory Mgmt

          Also check this one for Copying Inventory.

          Warm Regards
          Vinod Subramanian
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            Warren Tolentino
            hi, a simple explanation would be:

            1) Mult-org - Where you define multiple organization
            2) Item Setup - Where you define inventory item setup such as sub-inventories, item locations

            hope this help. for more detailed information read the oracle inventory user's guide manual.
            • 3. please help me (Oracle Apps Inventory)
              Pls.....send me the total flow about Inventory module..........
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                Inventory is an item referential and it also allows stock replenishment.
                There is no ‘standard’ flow for using Inventory.

                You will find all setup instructions in document that Vinod Subramanian sent to you. I mean : Organization definition, Item definition, Subinventory definition, Stock definition …

                Basic steps for item creation :
                -     check the pre-requisites (organization must be defined …). You must have at least one master organization (it is your item referential). Item type must exist. You have to define at which level (Master or Organization ) item attributes are defined …
                -     Then you create your item in the Master organization.
                -     After that, you can assign item to one or several organization

                Then, Inventory management depends on the business of your company : do you manage stored items or not; if yes, how do you manage replenishment ? ….

                If you need more help, please ask precise questions and you will get all information you need.