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    Adding Targets to Grid Control 11g

      Ok so I've been reading about grid control and have the management service installed on one server and have about 25 agents on 25 different servers. These servers contain things like the Oracle Standalone HTTP Server, WebLogic servers and admin server, BI instances, IDM/OAM etc etc. Mostly 11g stuff aside from some 10g OHS and 10g OAM.

      Now I read that all of the oracle products are basically supported as being targets with this 11g release but when adding middleware targets, it just has the Fusion Middleware/WebLogic Domain selection. This looks like it can only be used for these as it requires a password and port and such.

      Now as I was typing this message, I found that if I go into the Targets > Hosts > Targets and then click on the host name, there is an Add section on the right with a drop down list that has things like Apache HTTP Server and Web Cache in it... I'm not sure if this is the right way to be adding things either though. The Web Cache one seems to require a lot of information that I'm unfamiliar with. And it doesn't seem to be a complete list of products to add.

      Would anyone happen to know where I can find more information about this... maybe some guides or something?
      That would be really helpful!
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          Rob Zoeteweij
          I think you should the following method:
          Navigate to Setup --> Agents
          Select the Agent on the Server you want to add Targets from
          Select Add "Selection from pull down list" and press [Go]

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            Heh that is the exact same screen that I ended up on by going through the host page and targets and clicking the host link.
            The problem is that when I go add for something like web cache, there are about 20 fields I need to fill in on information about the web cache.
            When I add an "apache server" it is telling me it's down. And that list seems pretty small I thought. I guess OID client would be if I wanted to add OID as a target, but where is OAM and SSO in the list?
            The documentation says it can monitor these...

            "By deploying a Management Agent on each host, you can use Enterprise Manager to discover the Identity Management components on these hosts, and automatically begin monitoring them using default monitoring levels, notification rules, and so on."

            Is there in fact an auto discover targets feature that I'm completely oblivious to seeing/finding?
            Thanks for any help anyone can provide!
            I will have to open an SR or something if I can't figure this out.
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              You need to run agentca -d from aoh/bin if target don't get discover.