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    Calling session based webservice to receive authentication cookie


      We are calling an external webservice from BPEL which takes in login cred as input and gives a success/failure result in the response.If its success, the webservice sends in cookie information which needs to set in the partnerlink and then send the same info to the same webservice through a different partnerlink.

      To design this flow, we referred to the following blog-http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/ias/bpel/htdocs/callingstatefulwsfrombpel.html#introduction

      But we are not getting http headers in the call properties of the partnerlink of the BPEL process.We can only see empty http-request-headers.We are expecting to see http-response-headers so that we can extract the cookie and pass it to the second partnerlink.

      Please let us know if we are missing any step from the above blog.