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    Is it possible to obtain the src of pet store 2.0 without CVS?

      Is there any way I could obtain the petstore 2,0 as a zip file like it used to be in pet store 1.3.2?
      Please, let me know where I can get it?
      It is amazing, all the download button in Sun link to yet another place of blueprints.
      previous sites with download link says with source code but blueprint download only as *.class
      file inside of installer file.

      Also, http://blog.naver.com/bluejames77/80049199960 says No. 2

      2. 더블클릭해서 압축을 푼다음 index.html을 보면
      Java EE 5 Application Server을 설치하거나 혹은 GlassFish Project를 설치하라고 나온다.

      Translate ----
      after unzip, there is index.html file which specifies to install Java EE 5 application server or glass fish project.

      But, no index.html when I download the same date installer. In fact, any one can go to the CVS site and see
      under www/ there is no *.java file???? only html file???

      Is there anyway somebody in blueprint who just create source zip file like it used to be in 1.3.2?
      with setup.xml and build.xml and link up there? It will say one day work for somebody.


      Also ERROR -

      Also, shows error! at chrome I don't know at iexplorer.
      please try -