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    Q: Java Web Application and JMX Beans

      Hi all. I'm not sure where to put this, so I'll try here. I'm in the middle of writing a Web application using JSF and Facelets. That's all going ahead on schedule. My question is we want to define some JMX Beans so we can monitor the web application and provide information about the web application. At the moment, the JMX beans are deployed as part of the WAR file, and made available via a ServletContextListener.

      My question is: is this the way to do it? I guess I had initially thought we'd have the JMX beans in a separate JAR file, deployed to the JMX space in the Web application separately. Is this the better way to do this, instead of have the JMX code within the WAR classes? Is there any documentation that points to best practices for this?

      Any opinions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.