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    Trying to replace .jpg with .htm files in Petstore application

      I am trying to adapt the Petstore app for another purpose, and I need to replace some of the .jpg files with .htm files with links on them. For example, I am replacing a picture of a cat with another file, referencing it, and putting the file in the appropriate directory. When I pull up the app, I do not see the .htm file. The thumbnail is white with a little square Icon in the corner. The larger picture above is black, with a similar icon in the corner.
      When I right click either of then and click "show image", the .htm file shows up correctly in a separate browser. The browser address is http://localhost:8080//petstore/ImageServlet/images/software.htm. How do I get it to show correctly on the petstore app page? ( one more note, I did allow for .htm/.html files to be accessed in the web.xml file. Prior to that I just got a 403, forbidden error when I right clicked the icon.) Thanks,.