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    Quick Session Facade question

      Hi I hope this is the correct forum to ask this type of question, apologies if I have the wrong one.

      Anyway my question is as follows: My application has a 'summary' page which is intended to be - of course - a summary of various bits of information contained within the database. So for instance it will have personal details, address, contact details etc.

      Obviously I will need to retrieve these details from the database and, hoping to avoid multiple calls to the business tier the plan is to make one coarse grained call to the session facade which will then call finer grained services to collect and return the necessary detail.

      I have two questions actually. The first is: Is this the correct way to do it or are there better ways? The second question is, assuming we go this way, what is the best way to return the details? The two ideas I have in mind at the minute are shoving it all into a map or collection, or to create a whole new serializable 'transfer' object and populate the values.

      Thanks for your help