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    Pet Store UML diagrams


      I would really like to understand the architecture of the petstore demo, but without any formal architecture diagrams it is very hard. I have started to browse the code and xml files, but I find the app is very convoluted and as a result hard to understand. If anyone can help then please do.


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          There is a lot of documentation available, including some UML diagrams.

          The blueprintsbook provides an architecture chapter and also a supplemental implementation chapter related to the petstore. The documentation is available for free at

          in the chapter Architecture of the Sample Application
          and also in the Additional Online Content:
          Sample Application Design and Implementation [PDF]

          Also, you could check out the design patterns which show examples form petstore at

          hope that helps,

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            there are some UML diagrams but not true UML diagrams per se. Secondly, the author of the topic wanted UML diagrams for the pet store application. I am looking for the same and it's amazing that the blueprint application doens't have any UML diagrams.

            - Roger
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              There is a chapter in the blueprints book on the architecture of petstore. The chapter has architecture diagramas too. The chapter is available at :

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                all the blueprint and guideline books on java.sun.com does not give a full UML class diagram.
                they only cover a few key components. i believe the following areas are pretty missing.

                - delegate
                - mail
                - suppliers

                I am very keen to view the complete class diagram for the entire JPS 1.3.1 . anyone did a reverse engineering on it? esp. I want to understand the business delegate and application services design pattern .. pls help and share. I am taking SCEA also

                btw, I am using Mac OSX , and does not have rational to do reserse engineering. pls advise
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                    Hi Justin,

                    When I was in the initial stage of software development, I too had similar doubts, Sometimes, It is hard to understand the concepts as well as diagrams, Normally what I do is, I used to google my question or just contact some of the forums as this & got solutions. To understand more about Pet Store UML diagram, you can check the reference which other guys mentioned here, Also, when I searched on the internet, I had got some detailed articles which was written by Steve Phelan where I could get more detail info rather here, Just check it out. Hope my tips helped you. Cheers, Karl Jackson, [MAX GXL|http://www.MaxGxlDreamTeam.com]
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