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    Outsourcing Web Services of the Java Adventure Builder 1.0.5


      I try to run the Java Adventure Builder on an non local system. In detail: the OPC, Activity Supp, the Lodging Supp and the Derby DB shall run on Server 1. The Bank on Server 2 and the Transportation Supp on Server 3. Also the Customer Web site shall run on Server 4.

      At first i attempted to outsource the AirlinePOService in an Linux system running in my VMWare (under OSX Leopard). The Java settings and the App-Server are the same as on my OSX system, where the rest of the Adventure Builder runs.
      In the sun-ejb-jar.xml of the OPC, i changed the IP Address to the IP of my Linux App-server (

      effect: It does't work ;-(

      At next i modified the WSDL files, stored in the Direktory of the OPC. At the end of the WSDL Documents stands "REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL" (what does i mean?). I changed this entry in ... to set up the right address.

      effect: It does't work ;-(

      Do anyone have practical experience and give me some hints where i have to modify the builder?

      best regards,

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          Did you ever get anywhere with this. I'm trying to virtuualise a deployment. IE I've deployed the Web services to a server and then set up an Web Service (XML) Gateway and added the interface WSDLs to create virtual endpoints for the services. I now need to have the various clients call the virtual endpoints, rather than the originals but I don't know where to chgange this configuration correctly.