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    Permission to distribute Pet Store images


      I have initiated a port of the Java Pet Store to the Grails framework, hosted here: http://code.google.com/p/grails-petstore/

      As part of this project, I've created a script that exports the JPS database to XML, and also a script that imports these pets into the Grails Pet Store application. The pet images however, are not distributed as part of GPS though, so one has to download and unpack the JPS to allow the import script to read images from the local disk.

      It would be nicer though, if the images could be base64-encoded and serialized directly into the XML export document. That way, users of the GPS wouldn't have to download JPS just to fill the application with sample data.

      My question to Sun is: would you have any problem with the JPS pet images being distributed (base64-encoded) inside an XML file? It would not be a problem having a reference text that states that the images are imported from the Sun JPS, and I would also be happy to expose the names of the pet stores and photographers that Sun recieved the photographs from in the first place.