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    Diferences between Business Delegate and Session Facade

      Hi, I've been programming with java for a long time now, but recently decided to formally studing the J2EE patterns. By now I have the intuition of many of them but in paper looks a little confusing. Let me ask you what is a clear diference between Business Delegate and Session Facade.

      For me, exposing interfaces, hiding implementations and masking the complex interactions in the back are common factors in these patterns, could you please help me to identify diferences?
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          There are more subtle differences, but the basic gyst is that the Business Delegate is used on the client/presentation tier. The Session Facade is used on the server/service tier. The Business Delegate typically performs a lookup of the SessionFacade which in turn fronts a service method (EJB or otherwise). The Business Delegate pattern is typically associated with J2EE remoting and its shortcomings.

          - Saish