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    I need an algorithm, HELP!

      If I input something like this:
      and so on, could be many,

      the the output is this: a->b->d->a, which is a circle from the input.
      I need such a algorithm to help me find out all the circles from the input.
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          Topological sort.
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              I had quarantined the other thread, at exactly the same time, and this is the best place for the question, so I'm unlocking.
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                ejp wrote:
                Topological sort.
                I'm not very familiar with topological sort but it seems that it only works on DAGs which won't be the typical input for the OP. At best the t-sorting would give one cycle if it fails, but not all of them.

                @linus_lui: have you googled for something like "graph find all cycles"?