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    Need Help Finding Resources

      I have been given the task at work of creating a linear optimization routine. The questions will be posed in the form:

      Create a cow feed mixture at the lowest cost using the following ingredients and that meets the minimum nutritional requirements:
      Name          Cost     Calcium     Iron     Protein          Fat
      A          .25     .7     .9     .8          .5
      B          .10     .8     .8     1.5          .6
      C          .08     .0     .8     .9          .4
      Nutritional Requirements:
      Calcium >= 10
      Iron     >= 12
      Protein     >= 15
      Fat     <= 7.5
      I have determined (correct me if I'm wrong) that this translates into a linear optimization problem using the following calculations:
           .25a + .10b + .08c
           .7a + .8b >= 10
           .9a + .8b + .8c >= 12
           .8a + 1.5b + .9c >=15
           .5a + .6b + .4c <= 7.5
      My situation is that any solution I come up with must run in a JDK 1.4.2 environment (this will eventually be incorporated into an SAP Netweaver portal application and believe it or not 90% of the world still uses NetWeaver 2004s which supports a maximum 1.4.2 environment), so this prevents me from using things like the Apache Commons Math package (which ironically enough has EXACTLY what I need in it).

      I was desparately hoping not to reinvent the wheel, but I cannot find any open source projects that are helping me with this. I have been through a couple which is tedious (each has such a different API that it's very cumbersome just learning how to use each one) just to find that I'm not getting what I need out of them.

      Any resources (either publication or online) that would help me code such a routine in java would be excellent. Event better if anyone has had success locating and using an open source library that is 1.4 compatible to solve such a problem and could point me in that direction.

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          Running a google search for "java linear optimization" seems to have found a number of hits. I'm not familiar with any of the packages though, so I'm not sure if they are what you're looking for.

          Likewise, a search for "linear optimization algorithm" turned up a few interesting articles such as the following in case you end up writing the algorithm yourself:

          The wiki entry for Linear programming turned up a number of packages. Although most are not Java, the following has a Java package: [http://www.cs.washington.edu/research/constraints/cassowary/]

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            Your solution is correct: it's a so called 'blending problem' and it is one of the oldest problems solved by the Simplex algorithm. When you google for "Java simplex" you'll find quite a few implementations of the revised simplex algorithm; curiously enough most implementations are applets; probably for educational purposes ...

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