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    Isometric tiles, mouse location and grid lcation

      Hi! I am making an RTS game like Age of Empires and have a problem with isometric tiles.
      I managed to make a map with square-shaped tiles but to improve the game graphics I decided to move to isometric. The problem is that now I don´t know how to get the mouse position in the map according to each tile.
      I used an int[][] array to hold every tile and did


      mouse_flag= map[locX][locY];

      But this won´t work on non-squared-shaped tiles... Any ideas? (I googled this problem but couldn´t find any practical solution...)

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          Make a shape out of them and use the Shape API to check if your click coordinates are within each tile.
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            I came across some posts that would do that, but I was wondering if there is any way to use mouse coordinates to calculate it straight forward just using that.
            I found a blog where a guy posted something like this, but I don´t understand the code...
            public PointF MapToAbsolute(PointF mapPoint)
            PointF screenPoint = new PointF();
            screenPoint.X = (Scale / 2) * (mapPoint.X + mapPoint.Y);
            screenPoint.Y = (Scale / 4) * (mapPoint.X - mapPoint.Y);
            return screenPoint;
            public PointF AbsoluteToMap(PointF screenPoint)
            PointF mapPoint = new PointF();
            screenPoint.X /= (Scale / 2);
            screenPoint.Y /= (Scale / 4);
            mapPoint.X = (screenPoint.X + screenPoint.Y) / 2;
            mapPoint.Y = (screenPoint.X - screenPoint.Y) / 2;
            return mapPoint;
            It is C++, but I guess it can be implemented in Java... the problem is that I don´t really get what is he doing.
            The whole article is here:
            (It´s Andy´s answer)
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              That does not do what you think that does at all, it just gives coordinate conversion between scales, not from screen to tile. The easiest way, that I know of or can come up with, is as I've already suggested, that is unless you are going to make calculations for each piece of your tile external to a square--you'd have to make these relative addressed so you can apply the formulas to each piece of your tile area and across your map. Much Much easier to just use Shape.