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    HELP !!!

      Hi All,
      I've a big problem and need help, we're migrating some applications from servers to another servers and due to migrating we're also upgrading such as:
      1- oracle db 9i ---> 11g-R1.7
      2- Apache Tomcat server 5.5 -> 6.18
      3- the new servers has VM machines and also has real machines
      but when i trying to start the application on the Tomcat server on the new servers with the new db configuration for the 11g db, the whole server hang on and when reading the Tomcat server log it says that he's deploying the application. Lets come to the main log (the application log), i found that the application do connect to the db and executing some queries but at some point it trying to execute one query and get XFireRuntimeException which already exists in the old and application run with this exception OK.
      Really i searched the web to find someone talk on this problem or problems like this but i can't find anything.
      if anyone could help me, i would be greatful

      Yousif Mustafa
      junior java software engineer