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    J2EE Installation on MAC - Im really confused please help


      Well I just bought a MAC and I'm completely new at it, so I had my PC with the J2EE installed to create some web applications and I'm trying to configure my Mac the same way, so I went to the sun place to download the J2EE and downloaded the J2EE with glassfish and I got a .sh file, I've never really know why I need glassfish so if any one can tell me it would be great, I tried to installed it by double clicking the file and nothing happened I learned lather that I had to do it manually so I read the installation instructions and I found out I needed the JDK 6.0 preinstaled and the JAVA_HOME variable set, I recently set the PATH variable in the bashrc for executing mysql, so I guessed I could set it the same way but then I found out that Snow leopard uses a file bash.profile that is the one that should be set for this variables... also I found some java already installed in my Mac but I don't really know if its the JDK or just the JRE to be able to run so I went to the Mac developer site and started reading about J2EE and they say I should install JBoss another server I don't know about.... so....

      - Is my JAVA_HOME already set? if not should I set it in the bashrc file or in the bash.profile file? should I change my mysql path too? to what should I set the JAVA_HOME? /library/java/home? or /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home?

      - Do I have to install the J2SE JDK or do you know if my Mac alredy has it? I think I have a Snow Leopard Client, not the Server, because I had to install the mysql so I only got the JRE?

      - What does Glassfish do? and what does Jboss do? do I need them for programing? I guess not I think I only need the librarys so do they do something that will help my programing? I use Eclipse so, should I download the glassfish tool bundle for Eclipse too?

      - Finally can you point me on the right direction? I've been reading all over the web and haven't been able to find some straight forward answer and I just what to do this installation the right way.

      Thank you very much

      Ana Franco
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          Hi All,

          Well I think I have things figured out, but please correct me if I'm wrong, Glassfish is like a Tomcat a server/container for java EE applications I don't know about JBoos but I'm guessing its the same, so as I already configured Tomcat, and most web servers I know use Tomcat I think I'm going to pass on installing Glassfish, I do however have a copy of the J2EE jars in my PC so I'm going to use them for programing.

          My Mac has the javac file so I figure out it has the JDK or the file wouldn't be there so an other question answered.

          Finally I found out that the differences between bashrc and bash.profile its that bashrc runs each time you open a bash, and bash.profile runs each time you open a session on the Mac so, either of the two files works for setting the path, and as I already configured the mysql path on the bashrc I'm going to stick with it although now that I'm not installing glassfish, setting the JAVA_HOME path is not necessary I'm going to set it just in case.

          Thank you all, hope this helps some day.

          Ana Franco