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    Creating new instances of MDBs at runtime

      I am creating an application with a single input point (messages on a JMS Queue). The application needs to be multi-threaded, but would like to process the messages sequentially based on the message type.

      For example, a message of type A and a message type B can be processed simultaneously, but only 1 message of type A can be processed at a time. So if the application is processing a message of type A, and it receives another type A message, it must complete the first message before processing the second message.

      What I would like to do is have a single MDB (called the dispatcher MDB) that listens on the input point (JMS Queue). The dispatcher MDB calls onMessage() which will look at the message type and the forward to another JMS Queue based on the type. For example, if message type is A, send to Queue A, else if message type B, send to Queue B and so on. Each queue would have a MDB instance servicing the messages. In order to process the messages sequentially on each queue, the pool size for each MDB would be 1.

      My problem is that I don't know how many message types there are, this is decided at runtime.

      How can I create the Queues and register MDB at runtime?

      After some research, I have found the ability to create the Queues using JMX. But, I cannot seem to find details on how to create a register an MDB and tell it to listen on a particular Queue. Has anyone had any experience doing such a thing?