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    password manager

      I want to build an password manager application that can provide a servise similar to popular browers like opera and mozilla.

      I want to know if there are any classes in java taht can help me in this.

      Is there any way that the application can know when a user opens a webpage that asks for password so that it can prompt the user to save password for the same.....and that it can automaticaaly fill in the passwords in the required fields as and when required ???

      Please help me out

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          This post doesn't belong here. Please post only items that conform to the purpose of the forum, as stated:

          "This forum is for the Java technology developer community to comment on the Java Community Process (JCP). "

          Also please do not post your questions in multiple forums. It only results in duplication and wasted effort by people who try to answer the questions - and it irritates me (and them.) Posted in 2 other forums.