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    Sending and Receiving messages at SIP Proxy

      Hi All,

      I am new to SIP. I downloaded the NIST SIP Proxy and got it run. Now I am trying to understand its code and make few changes.

      I wrote a sample client program using JAIN SIP which sends message to SIP Proxy. In this configuration, I configured the Outbound Proxy parameter of SipStack to be the IP address of Proxy.

      Now, the problem is that, I want to send this message from Proxy to another program running on a different machine which will act as a presence server.

      How can I do that? I think configuring the out bound proxy for the SipStack on proxy's machine wont help as the message from presence server have to be sent to client programs also.
      How are Dialog and Transaction maintained in such scenario?

      Please help me with this.
      I would be very thankful for any help extended.

      Thanks a lot

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          Well firts of nothing wellcome to the world of SIP.
          As you starting with NIST SIP PROXY, maybe the code of proxy will be something extensive, why not you try with the examples in the jain-sip shootist and shootme, are very nice to begin, and in the directory example also exist a Subscriber and Notify example for presence.

          And for send a message from one client to your presence server across SIP Proxy why not you try registrer you presence server as a client. The zip of SIP Proxy also contain a Chat Client, that support presence, you can check how is registrer each chat client and in the same way you registrer your presence server, for view how the Dialogs and Transaction are mainteined you must review RFC 3261, for presence behaviors the follow document http://www.enea.com/4185.epibrw is very nice

          I hope this clear your doubts.

          God luck.

          Alberto Becerra Mat�as