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    webcam moyion capture

      HI , i was wondering if anybody could help me. I want to compare a image of a face from a webcam to another image of a face. They only have to be still images. The images only have to match at about 70% of each other. I know that i will use the pixelGrabber method. How do i go about implementing this problem?

      Many thanks
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          It's pretty simple, really

          System.captureWebCam().compareToPreviousPicture(pic, .7)
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            Start off here... I posted code to capture images from a Web cam using JMF

            ( Download latest JMF 2.1.1e ( Windows/Linux performance version, and carefully read the install guide )

            That'll get you the web cam capture bit.
            Comparing photos ?
            Here's another thread I replied to on that subject...


            all the answers are out there if you search !

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              That pretty cool Owen. I'm very impressed!

              As far as comparing pictures/images, you could do a pixel by pixel comparison, but it's not going to do very well.

              Suppose, for example, that picture 2 is one pixel off to the left or right. The two pictures are the same, but doing a pixel by pixel comparison might rank them as very different.

              I would guess You need some sort of AI that does pattern matching
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                Thanks very much all
                Very helpfu
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                  No problem.
                  Not that it affected my reply, but going by the e-mail address in your profile, I assume you're in Ireland too?

                  Ps. if you're using the web cam capture code I posted, there's a bug when switching video resolution.
                  You have to request the visual component again, remove the old one, and add it back to the container.
                  ( cos it may have been invalidated during the video resolution / format switch. )

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                    Thanks Owen,

                    Yeah i was trying to fix that. But onby minor. The code is very helpfull and gives a much clearer indication of what i want to do and new ideas.

                    Im in Dublin, trying to work hard on this project. Coming together now, next part is the image comparision, which i saw your thread already. Havnt got it working properly yet.
                    As you probably already know, Sun are coming to Dublin on the 20th of Feb for a developers conference. Its free, all you have to do is register online. Limited places and its in the Davenport Hotel.