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    Can I force the Java CORBA ORB to use a specifc version of GIOP?

      I am using the 1.4.1 JDK. By default, the CORBA ORB uses GIOP version 1.2 to communicate with other ORBs.

      In my scenario, I am communicating with an ORB that claims to support GIOP 1.2, but appears to have a bug specific to it's handling of certain GIOP 1.2 features.

      Currently, I am using the following code to "trick" the Java ORB into reverting to GIOP 1.0. This works, but is definitely a hack. Is there any documented way to contol what version of GIOP the ORB uses??
      import com.sun.corba.se.internal.core.GIOPVersion;
      GIOPVersion.DEFAULT_VERSION.major = (byte)1;
      GIOPVersion.DEFAULT_VERSION.minor = (byte)0;