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    Checks from Windows to be done for Linux servers.


      I have a requirement where in certain types of checks like (ping, directory mounts) are to be performed on Linux servers.

      Check1: Ping the Linux servers in morning before application starts using it.

      Check2: Check if the application directories are appropriately mounted on the server.

      These checks cannot be included as a part of cronjob because in case the server itself is not up then the cron will not run. Therefore, i was thinking of doing these ping, directory mount tests from my local system. The idea is

      1. There should be a web based interface (running on Tomcat) that will ping Linux servers through SSH using PUTTY (port forwarding). windows machine. Another solution could be to just connect through a java stand alone program and publish the results in text file/command line.
      2. Do the ping, grep for directory mounts (df -k) from java program in the java/jsp code and publish the results on the web interface.

      I am not sure if this can be achieved, and if at all, then how can i proceed towards this.

      Kindly suggest.