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    Working with NIO and non-NIO sockets


      Trying to write a network manager kind of program where the client initiates a number of connections to different servers. Need to manage these connections through the life time of the session ( time the client is connected to the server). The client connections originate from a single machine, the servers are geographically distributed and about 1 to 5 connections between each client and server.

      I have tried and example NIO client/server application and it works fine. I have tried the KnockKnock client/server example it works. But when I try to use the NIO client with the multithreaded knockknock server, the socket connection goes through okay. However the data written to socket channel on the client(NIO) side doesn't seem to reach the server(non-NIO). I can't change the servers since they already exist in the field. I am just trying to write the manager application to manage them.
      Basically I am trying to avoid writing a multithreaded socket connection management program.

      Thanks for any input.