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    How do I report a Java Studio v8 crash bug to Sun

      I get the following:

      A java.lang.RuntimeException exception has occurred.
      Please report this at http://java.sun.com/webapps/bugreport/,
      including a copy of your messages.log file as an attachment.
      The messages.log file is located in your C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.jstudio\Ent8\var\log folder

      and then the IDE terminates.

      I've gone to the http://bugs.sun.com/services/bugreport/submit_intro.do site, but there is no option for Java Studio Version 8. I dont know if this is the sort of thing Sun really wants to see, but I'm more then willing to forward to the appropriate authorities. replies to winston@tahoesoftware.com if possible; I'm not sure if I'll remember - or be able - to get back here (something about Theseus's traversing Minos's labyrinth).