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    Evaluate my 3D Visualisation

      For my Final Year Project i have written a program using java3d, which visualises hprof profiling traces of other java programs in 3D (basically it displays the method calls that occured during the execution of the program).

      I was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to evaluate it for me.

      xxx - here is the program with the evaluation document inside.

      If you could have a go with the program,fill in the evaluation form and send it to xxx i would really appreciate it.

      MouseWheel - Zoom
      WASD - Pan
      Cursor keys - rotate
      Select item in Data Structure below to zoom to particular node.

      If you want to run your own program, read the evaluation doc first.

      If you have any questions/problems then please email me at the same address.

      Thanks very much

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