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    Installing development setup on 64 bit Windows OS.

      Hello Everyone,

      I want to setup a development environment on computer on which 64 bit Windows OS is installed. I am getting the error

      'Windows cannot find 'javaw'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

      At first glance I thought that the Java has not been installed properly, but I think Java is installed properly. I have checked the environment variable "path" and it is set properly. I tested by iving the path of both, the bin folder in JDK as well as bin folder in JRE. But still it is giving the same error.

      Do I need to install two different Java SE i.e. for x86 and x64? where x86 is for 32 bit and x64 is for 64 bit OS.

      Are there two different JDK available for 64 bit Windows OS? i.e. 32 bit JDK for 64 bit OS and 64 bit JDK for
      64 bit OS?

      Please guide me to set up an environment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards.