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    package org.apache.struts.validator does not exist


      I am new to struts. Currently i am working on Struts validator framework.
      I have a class called "SubmitForm.java " that extends ValidatorForm .I have included the statement "import org.apache.struts.validator.ValidatorForm" as well in my code.

      I get the following error when i compile my code -
      SubmitForm.java:3: package org.apache.struts.validator does not exist
      import org.apache.struts.validator.ValidatorForm;
      SubmitForm.java:12: cannot resolve symbol
      symbol : class ValidatorForm
      location: class model.SubmitForm
      public class SubmitForm extends ValidatorForm

      Do i have to include something in the CLASSPATH? why am i getting this error?I use struts 1.0.2

      Any help would be appreciated