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    SWDP and Tomcat configuration

      I'm configuaring swdp-R2-windows-i586 with Tomcat 6.0. While installing SWDP "No Web Container Integration" option has been selected. so i'm trying to execute the following script for the config of Tomcat 6.0 webcontainer and SWDP.

      C:\Sun\swdp\bin>asant -f setup-tomcat.xml -Dcatalina.home="D:\apache-tomcat\" -Dswdp.home="C:\Sun\swdp\"

      I'm getting the following error while doing so.

      " The swdp.home property is not set correctly. Please pass this property with the value set to the directory where the Sun(TM) Web Developer Pack R1 is installed and rerun ant with the following usage: ant -Dswdp.home=xxx -Dcatalina.home=yyy target "

      C:\Sun\swdp\bin\setup-tomcat.xml:378: The following error occurred while executi
      ng this line:
      C:\Sun\swdp\bin\setup-tomcat.xml:39: The following error occurred while executin
      g this line:
      C:\Sun\swdp\bin\setup-tomcat.xml:31: swdp.home property is not set correctly

      Note: CATALINA_HOME, SWDP_HOME, ANT_HOME and respective paths has been set properly in Environmental variables.

      Plz help me in tracing out this.