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    Error: HTTP Status 503 - Servlet action is currently unavailable

      Hi friends,
      I am prakashvista, i am a new person to this struts framework.

      In my application, just I am filling user details in the jsp page. I used plug-in tag in the struts-config.xml. I properly created UserActionForm and UserAction class. In the validation.xml file i set the field name and argument key from the properties file under the form tag. That is used for client side validation using javaScript.

      <html:html locale="true">
      <html:form action="/actionClass" method="post" onsubmit="validate(this);">
      <table align=left>
      <td><html:text property="name"/></td>
      <td>Address </td>
      <td><html:text property="address"/></td>
      <td>City </td>
      <td><html:text property="city"/></td>
      <td>Id </td>
      <td><html:text property="number"/></td>

      <td><html:submit value="Submit" /></td>
      <td><html:reset value="Reset"/></td>
      *<html:javascript formName="UserActionForm"/>*

      <form name="UserActionForm">
      <field property="name" depends="required">
      <arg key="UserActionForm.name"/>
      <field property="address" depends="required">
      <arg key="UserActionForm.address"/>
      <field property="city" depends="required">
      <arg key="UserActionForm.city"/>
      <field property="phone" depends="required">
      <arg key="UserActionForm.Phone"/>
      <form-bean name="UserActionForm" type="UserActionForm"/>


      *<plug-in* className="org.apache.struts.validator.ValidatorPlugIn">