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    j9 wlan connection handling - help needed

      I wrote an application which is running on phone and communicates with a server. I can open sockets, and communicate with the server (read/write data on chanel), but after ferw minutes/hours(depend on trafic) the wlan connection between the client and server breakes. The problem is, that after an exception is thrown, I close th connection and try to open a new connection, but can't. It seems, that somewhere in the phone's operatin system the connection is not closed.

      My question is , that is there anybody who meet this problem? The second question is that kind of workaround can be used to reconnect to the server?
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          have you found a solution? I have nearly the same problem now...
          My application runs on windows mobile 6.1 with IBM j9. Connecting to the WLAN inclusive VPN works well on the device, browsing with internet explorer is no problem and if necessary the WLAN and VPN connections are established automatically if needed.
          But when I try to invoke a webservice-request from within my java-application the connection isn't established. (Doing the webservice-request while a there is an existing connection everything works fine, e.g. when starting the application right after browsing in internet explorer).

          Probably I have to tell the connection manager on wm6 to connect - but how do I implement that?
          For .Net I found the following:
          - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb840031.aspx
          - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms849587.aspx

          Can anybody give me a hint, please?
          regards, blackfox86