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    Simple Java ME Database Application Question -JSR-169


      Using Netbeans to make a simple DB app using Derby's EmbeddedSimpleDataSource, show here:

      I'm almost there except for adding the JSR-169 jar file. Apparently you cant just add the folder to the class path. I don't quite understand why they say the JSR-169 jar file needs to be built? I tried adding the classes to the project - no dice. Tried adding the folder to the class path, which usually works, but still no dice.

      Is there a link or anyplace that the JSR-169 jar file can be downloaded? I/m on windows - to be honest I am not sure how to make that file. Forums show a lot of people having trouble trying to make it.
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          Even if you build it, you will get Security Exception at runtime because it has packages starts with "java." i.e. "java.sql."

          For more detail, refer to

          I purchased IBM Lotus Expeditor which has inbuilt jsr169.jar which automatically resolved this problem
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            If you follow the steps from the above link, you should not get any Security Exception. Please note that Derby folks say that you should add jdbc.jar (or jsr169.jar) to your boot class path, not to your class path. This is exactly what needs to be done to avoid the Security Exception. Alternatively you can add the jar to the extension directory (e.g. /lib/jclFoundation11/ext if you use j9 foundation 1.1).