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    Problem memory space in J9 IBM

      I have a problem, I would help.
      My application at times need to perform another external application, the external application developed in dot net runs a dll specified in windows mobile.
      So it is possible to work with Java and make use of DLLs without having to work with JNI.

      My system has 5 screens, where the screen that requires more memory for a list table with 100 lines coming from a database, is the 4th screen.

      If I run my method that calls the external application in a different screen than the 4 wheel without problems, now if I run the method in the screen 4, or if I passed the screen 4 and try to run on another screen the following error occurs.

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: \ Temp \ ShellExec.dll ((14) Not enough storage is avaible to complete this operation.)

      I think we have a problem of lack of memory where it passes through the screen 4 that requires more then the memory can not run the method that makes the external flame Could someone help me how to resolve this problem, it is possible to increase the internal memory the J9?

      The library that makes the outgoing call is this http://blog.pracucci.com/projects/shellexec/

      My machine has 128MB of ram.

      Thank you.