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    How and Where Do I install Optional JDBC package

      I downloaded the JDBC Optional Package for CDC/Foundation Reference Implementation from sun at: http://java.sun.com/products/jdbc/download.html#cdcfp

      Now what?

      There are some installataion instructions buried in a readme inside the zip (nothing on the web) but they are somewhat vague and also pretty non-standard from what I've seen for almost any other java installation:

      The JDBC for CDC/FP Optional Package requires the CDC/Foundation Profile 1.0 release. Unzip the JDBC for CDC/FP Optional Package bundle on top of the CDC/Foundation Profile release.

      To build the class files and cvm binary issue the following command from the appropriate build directory:
      make JDK_HOME=${JAVA_HOME} J2ME_CLASSLIB=foundation CVM_GNU_TOOLS_PATH=/usr/bin OPT_PKGS=jdbc

      Not sure if "foundation" and "jdbc" are substituted for something else. An actual example would help. I'm not even sure that this is really the right approach. I've also tried building a jar and putting it in the ext direcotry, which would be more standard.

      From the comments of other posters, it seems that others are also confused. Thanks for any help.