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        Hi There,
        I have a TrueBlue BT module in my laptop with the Widecom driver and I brought one more Bt USB Dongle from Belkin that came with ver of the Widecom driver. I installed it on y desktop. I tried the SPP using the installations software that comes alongwith and it is working fine over the hyper terminal. This tells me that the BT connectivity is working fine on both the laptop and the desktop.

        I wanted to try out my own BT applications and hence I downloaded the avetanaBluetooth.jar and ran the JSRTest on both the machines. it was possible to read the device name and address "View remote devices", but when I wanted to connect these two over a client/server mode it was not possible to make a connections. I gave the connectionURL as btspp://0010C64DEDC6. Is there anything else I have to give as address ?

        I understand that upon establishing a Client /server connection in it must be possible to click the "SEND" button which would TX some data which will be received on the server side under "Receive". did any one succeed this..? I am planning to buy this avetanaBluetooth solution, any hints on the performance or flexibility of this solutions would be highly appreciated.

        Thanks in advance
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          Hello friends wanted to make work in j2me+j2se+j2ee+mysql connecting to a data base, better makes consultations by mobile phone via bluetooth, please or have much information, have the avetana stack, want that somebody supports in developing to me or the delivery of information or someone open source please help mee
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            hi folks,
            i just read so much about bt on those different devices. but i still dont know if its possible to get avetana bt and ibm j9 java to run on a pda like dell axim x30i.

            i have to try something out with this but i dont have a clue how to combine avetana and j9 on the pda. can someone help me with this? just a "few-sentences-tutorial" would be nice - because i think that there are not enough informations spreaded on the internet on that topic so that also bt/java-noobs can get it to work.

            lots of thanks in advance,


            (and if s.o. knows that its not possible, feel free to post that also)
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              I have a similar problem, while I run the class, the libavetanaBT.so can't be found. And I have tried to place it under /usr/local/lib/" and "/usr/lib/", both didn't work.

              At last I try
              "java -cp myAvetanaBT.jar:. -Djava.library.path={the directory where the so file placed} RFDateServ"
              Still didn't work.

              would anyone can tell me what can I do ??

              Thanks very much !!!
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                Hi all..
                I am facing the same problem, and after reading ur forum i have even tryed to download the avetanaBluetooth and it is asking for the
                Bluetooth-Address 1:
                Bluetooth-Address 2:
                Bluetooth-Address 3:

                I am filling up the address (mine is 22:22:22:22:22:22). This address i am able to see when i install the device driver software "BlueSoleil_1.6.2.1" for my "ISSC Bluetooth Dongle" in WinXP OS.

                I have tried many times but unable to download the avetana.
                Even i am unable to find the downloadable link of Widcomm driver from the net.
                Plz help me ..
                thx in advance...
                Sorry i have been out of office for some days.

                When you download the avetana jar u need to insert
                the address of your bluetooth device(s) where you
                want to test your application. This is not bogus.
                Yes i have used avetana already and i managed to put
                my laptop and a PocketPC communicating using

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                  have the same problems. that he couldnt find it in CLASSPATH . what to do?
                  • 21. Bluetooth stack init
                    I'm using avetana libraries to program my PDA(HP hx2400).
                    How to initialize a bluetooth stack on my java midlet using this library?
                    I have read that Widcomm version SP 5 is a good solution but it costs over 1000 dolars! are there any other ways to initialize a stack?
                    Is there anyone who has managed to write a good BT java apllication for PDA?
                    Please provide me with some really simple example ,
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                      You may need to change come code in LibLoader,

                      Line 141 :
                      compile again, and place the so file in /usr/lib

                      => it will be found
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                        hi DJ_Viking and all
                        i am doing my graduation project in connecting pc with a mobile using Bluetooth. (J2me in mobile and j2se on the pc(server))
                        i have one Ergenic Bluetooth USB Dongle. i was planning to connect my nokia 6600 using bluetooth by implementing Antiva bluetooth API that implement the Generic Connection Framework for j2se, but i have really big hard time accessing my local machine.
                        i need ur help before i declear my final year project as failer.
                        Please every body say something, pleaseeeeeeeee.
                        I am more than happy to explain about the project
                        project email: project_rtcs@fastmail.fm
                        Bemnet Tesfaye.
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                          Hi everybody, i need some help too with J2ME and J2SE!
                          Im trying to develop a remote controller for my PC Media Player for my final project so I need to develop a midlet with j2me and a desktop application with j2se.

                          Im using an Acer 1800 series Laptop Computer with incorporated bluetooth (Blutonium BCM2035 Bluetooth 2.4 GHz Single Chip Transceiver) and a Nokia 6630 smartphone. Can anybody help me on sending data back and forth from PC to Phone?

                          Please im new to J2ME and I need some directions in syncronizing J2ME and J2SE.

                          I already tryed something with the Atinav stack but i all i got is a message telling me that my bluetooth stack is not active or something like that. Should I use a usb dongle or my incorporated bluetooth chip will do fine?

                          I also heard that even ActiveSync does not support my Nokia 6630 in the bluetooth syncronisation.

                          I also need to know if the devices im using will work fine on what im trying to do.

                          Please please please help me couse Im running out of time!!!

                          email me at: julian.kanini@gmail.com
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                            Youre a damn looser! A screwed up ass hole! I mean come on cant you solve your own shit, you need somebody else to clear up your shit! Dumbass!

                            Go paint your tooth blue and call it bluetooth! Or paint your neighbours butt green and call it greenbutt (TM) might make a new trade mark! YOu such an ass!
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                              I am doing a project , Wireless Chat and File Sharing System using Bluetooth in J2SE Technology. Here two systems are connected using a Bluetooth Adaptor. I want to design a DataFlow Diagram for this. Give me some suggesions for this.............
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                                i am doing the same thing.
                                I have server in my j2se application and client in mobile(j2me) application.
                                Can you send me the code for both j2se and j2me program.
                                Because as you have written i have also searched and downloaded avetana library, but i don't know how to use this avetana library in j2se program,
                                I have win XP with sp2.
                                My email id is vaidschapy@yahoo.co.in
                                It will be very helpful to me if you send me the code.

                                And one thing i tried out that after starting blue tooth dongle in my pc it gives me ip address so in j2me application in socket connection i supplied that ip address but in phone it shows me no packet service is defined.

                                As much i know as per that if bluetooth dongle starts up the lan then in j2se program i can use socket programming to transfer the data between the j2se application and j2me application because in j2me it supports socket connection.

                                If this idea successeds then i won't need this bluetooth library.

                                So any one can help me.

                                Thank you.
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                                  I have the same problem. Have you figured it out?

                                  • 29. Re: J2SE and Bluetooth communication with J2ME
                                    I am having problems with BlueCove.
                                    Is there any other LGPL JSR-82 implementation?

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