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      • 45. Re: 802.11 parameters
        I also have the same problem, could someone send me the binaries or the password?
        My email is

        • 46. Re: 802.11 parameters
          I need the binaries too...

          I sent an email 2 weeks ago and i didn�t get any response.

          Can anyone send me the password?


          • 47. Re: 802.11 parameters
            Could anyone send me the JWRAPI? I have sent two email to the author, but no reply from him.
            Our project is running out of time, this API is very important to us.
            Thank you for your kindness.

            • 48. Re: 802.11 parameters
              Please send the API to d_zhenxi@alcor.concordia.ca.
              Thank you.
              • 49. Re: 802.11 parameters
                PLEASE! Could anyone help me? I need that JWRAPI for my project.
                I've written two emails to the author. I even called him and left and voice message, and I also sent a message to his cellphone.
                No reply from him, no, nothing. If he does not want to share that API to others, he should remove it from his website. WHY is he still asking us to email him but does not reply anything.

                Here is his contact info. http://www.cdt.luth.se/~johank/

                Please if any one of you have that API, please send it to me d_zhenxi@alcor.concordia.ca.
                I dont want to do too complicate thing, just need to get the RSSI of a wireless AP.
                THANK YOU all guys.
                • 50. Re: 802.11 parameters
                  Please someone send the JWrapi to me too....I am trying to do the same job with WMI but there are lots of bugsss.Thankss
                  • 51. Re: 802.11 parameters
                    My email is: jimvarmail@yahoo.gr
                    • 52. Re: 802.11 parameters
                      i am in need of "JAVAWRAPI", can any one send me that package to my mailid.
                      my mail id is "avinash_savavs@yahoo.com
                      • 53. Re: 802.11 parameters

                        Welcome to the forum. Please don't post in old threads that are long dead. When you have a question, please start a topic of your own. Feel free to provide a link to an old thread if relevant.

                        Also, please do not request responses by email as that defeats the very purpose of a forum, which is to share problems and their solutions.

                        I'm locking this thread and blocking all requests for email now.

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