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    CrEme + avetanaBluetooth:  avetana supplied PPC demo not working properly?

      I seem to be having a problem using bluetooth with CrEme v4.12 and avetanaBluetooth library on a Windows Mobile 6.1 device. I'm using NetBeans 6.5 for development. It seems that when I run the provided avetana PocketTest class (which is supposed to test the library functionality on a pocketpc) it seems to lock up when connecting to a device or waiting for a connection from a device, even though in the code another thread is being opened up for theses tasks.

      Are threads not handled the same way on pocket pc devices? Or possibly is my CrEme VM not set-up properly?

      The other aspects of the PocketTest class seem to work fine, such as the discovery and servicesearch portions, but when i try to connect to a server as a client, the program locks until I either cancel the connection from the server side, or send the client any sort of data. After I send this data, the PocketTest class acts normal, except for that it doesn't register that any data is received as it should, since in the code this is implemented as a reciever thread, i am not surprised that the operation isn't as normal, since threads seem not to be working at all.

      Any information would be helpful, thanks.