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    Which PDA / SmartPhone to choose for CDC development ?

      I need a new SmartPhone or PDA for developing Java applications. I already gained two years of experience using an old HP iPAQ together with IBM's J9, so I am not really a newbie. But what is really new for me is the overwhelmingly confusing PDA and SmartPhone market. Lots of different vendors with lots of different models. I am now looking at different product descriptions for three days without seeing much clearer. Could anyone help me and tell me about your experience with specific models or vendors ?

      I'm especially interested in certain questions.
      1) Am I able to start multiple VMs on a SmartPhone and run multiple applications in the background or is this only possible on PDAs ?
      2) How do I know if I am able to access an integrated GPS receiver with my Java apps ?
      3) and I also like to access an RFID reader (normally an SDIO or Compact Flash expansion card), is that possible ?
      4) and finally, which vendor has it's own Java developer community, e.g. Sony/Ericsson seems to have that, but who else (perhaps HTC, cause they have really nice TouchPhones) ?

      Googling did not help me very much, so any answers, hints, experience reports, good web references etc. are gladly welcome. Thanks in advance !