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    Changing address of the emulator


      I have just recently started working with sun wtk 2.52 for linux, my porblem is as following, for the time being I am developping a j2me sip client.
      I am working on machine that have multiple network interfaces, eth0, eth1, eth2 and of course localhost.

      The problem is when I want to crate SipClientNotifier object:

      SipClientNotifier scn = (SipClientNotifier)Connector.open("sip:");

      then when I want to check the network address on which scn is listening:


      it always return me the address of the localhost:

      and the application doesn't work , because alle sip message are sent to other interface of the machine, f.i eth1.

      What should I do then to change the address on which scn is listening to?

      Thx for help in advance!