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    Help : Sending Jar file using bluetooth.


      I have done till below...

      Midlet will search available bluetooth device in range.

      I want to do below.

      1. Search available bluetooth device in range
      2. User will see list of devices.
      3. when user will select a device, i want to send the jar file itself ( i have stored jar file inside resources)
      4. on file sent to bluetooth devices, it should tell file sent successfully.

      More :
      I am confused with Bluetooth server and client terminology.
      Here my program is client or server ? Infact the whole pupose is we have made some Java program and we want to make it viral, easy for our users to send it to their friends via bluetooth

      Any pointers ?

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          You might wanna look take a look in the JSR 82 Specifications. There is a method like agent.startInquiry(); that starts a search for nearby BT devices. All you have to do is place each found device in an array of type Vector.

          It would have been easier if your code or a snippet of it was available to see what the problem was.


          PS: A client application application starts a connection on a server application. Where you put them is up to you.