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    Game in j2me

      i am making pac man game in j2me
      in that i created three tield layer
      first is for base wich is completely black color
      second is for apple(food for pac-man)
      and third is for wall

      and sprite pac-man
      in that when sprite(Pac-man)
      get the position of one apple than that apple shold goes to

      so that i have to find col and row of sprite(Pac-man) but there is no properties available in sprite.
      so that i can match with perticular cell of apple(tield layer) and make it invisible so it look like
      apple is eaten by pac-man
      and also there is getX() and getY() properties available in sprite but these properties is not in tield layer's perticular cell
      my problem is how to find one cell of apple