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    Verifier Error

      Hello All,

      I have built an application using NetBeans 5.5 Beta 2 which uses kxml for parsing data from server. I also use CustomerCare API of Motorola to extract device IP & private ID.
      To add permissions for CustomerCare API I have used Motorola iDEN SDK/Emulator(MIDP 2.0) . When i add permissions & build the project i get the following error:

      Error preverifying class com.pnestec.http.Parser
      VERIFIER ERROR com/pnestec/http/Parser.initialize()V:
      Cannot find class org/kxml/parser/AbstractXmlParser

      Please help me in removing this error so that my app builds fine & run on Motorola iDEN SDK/Emulator(MIDP 2.0).

      Any help is invited.
      Thanks in advance.