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    infinite keyRepeated() event calls after displaying TextField/TextBox

      I experienced something with WTK 2.5.2_01. This what was happening. I had an application that would display a Canvas, then when a user clicks the Canvas.FIRE
      button when the canvas is displaying, the canvas displays a TextBox with a command. when the user is done typing, they select a command and they are taken back to the canvas again. The problem now comes when the user presses any key after the canvas has been displayed. The WTK generates infinite keyRepeated()
      method calls on the canvas. When I run the system monitor, the problem seems to be traceable back to the
      com.sun.midp.lcdui.DefaultEventHandler$QueueEventHandler.run() method. Im using WTK2.5.2_01 on ubuntu 9.04.
      Could this be a bug on the emulator?