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    Old same emulator problem: failed to connect to device X!

      *** Error ***
      Failed to connect to device X!
      Emulator X failed to register in time!

      X=1 to ∞
      (mac os x + java me platform sdk 3.0)

      I've been struggling for days against this issue, then gave a look on the web and realized it's just another common problem. Hence, it can be called "bug".
      And after reading around, I'm pretty sure there is no solution for that: you can change conf files, hosts and ms before timeout, you can refresh the platform or the device manager, modify or disable the firewall... but nothing works. Nothing but rebooting your computer!!
      Yep.. rebooting the computer! Can you figure out what "rebooting" means for a mac user? It's just something that a mac user can't stand and will never get used to. But still in this case it seems to work! , Therefore, after reading the literature about this bug, i'm pessimist about receiving a working set of instructions here, so i just would like to ask: why this problem has not been took in the consideration it deserves? Will we see a fix for that in the future? Do you have working solut..errrr... what is it caused by?