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    Set top Box and other equipment

      Hi, I like to start develop a project about iTV. It's really hard to start really, because I don't really know what I need, first to all I think I need a STB, so I like to buy the ADB-3800/10TW for IPTV, but I don't know if I can load my xlets developed, can I?.

      Other question is about what other equipment I need to make my project, what do I need to send videos to the STB? like a normal channel.

      Best Regards
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          For the STB you must ask the seller if you're not sure about it. You'll need the STB to test applications. Other option is to buy a commercial emulator so you won't need the STB (always is better to test it finally in a STB)

          To develop applications you'll need your PC, the Java IDE you want and a STB or emulator. I'd use XletView only for the first testings, if the application get somehow more "complicated" you'll need a more advanced emulator.

          The videos the STB would receive come from the antenna, so you don't need to upload anything to the STB. But seeing videos in your application is something secondary. Just put an image representing the video, for the developing of the application it will work the same way.
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            "how can i start developing ITV?" this is the typical question..

            when i was working in cineca, we made a standard page trying to showdown all the choices and tradeoff.
            you can find it here
            (if you cant read italian, you can try to translate automagically with google with the link in the up-right corner)


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              Thank you both

              ADB response an email and they tollme the STB wasn't made for developers. So in first place I gonna develop my project in XletView, but in a next step I still need to buy a Dev-STB, so can you recommend me one? I look Osmosys middlewere but they don't answers my email, What can yu tellme about your experiencies and prices?

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                Depends on what type of iTV app you want to build. OCAP, MHP, Blu-ray. There are several tools available commercially as well as some free ones from Sun. Several companies do make developer boxes depending on the type of application.
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                  I think it's over MHP but I'm not so sure. My project it's about interactive advertisign, the idea is that you are watching a regular spot and you have the possibility for access to more content about the spot only if you want, just pushing a button on your remote control.

                  What do you recomend to me?
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                    I am also kind of looking for the same. Let me know if you are looking for team like open source and contribute for the same. It is same concept, where in you freeze a frame in a picture/movie and in that picture based on the pre-configuration, you can go to number of objects and select them, based on selection you go further on what you want to show. Right now I am in US, there is no such system developed here in US(to my knowledge), this is still in conceptual level( Who knows somebody could have started already ).

                    Reply to me if you are interested.

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                      Are there any Set top boxes using java?

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                        if you want a STB with a free and open source middleware based on java you can [try Jet|http://www.avalpa.com/the-business/9-avalpa-answers/44-jet-developer-kit]

                        With this kind of solution you could have complete control for any kind of interactive television service.


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                          If your application is going to run in Europe (in USA the standard for iTV is OCAP that is similar to MHP) except of UK (that use another system) your application must be done according to MHP standard . I´m developing an MHP application in company of Basque Country ("Spain") and I use to STB one that is cheaper STRONG srt 5510 MHP (cheap around 100 €) model and an ADB T75 STB (more expensive but more stable) but I think they are developer STB, not comercial ones. If you want your application to be really interactive, that information will travel bidirectionally broadcaster<->STB you need a entire playout system.
                          Here are some good link to begin with MHP:



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                            another very interesting link I have just found:

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                              Hi Andrea,

                              Have you ever tried this open source

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                                Hi Elnino,
                                maybe i've been a little unclear.
                                I work in Avalpa , the company creating this Jet package, a free open source middleware for a STB.
                                The project is quite fast moving under the surface.
                                In the last year we have been working for a Spain PA called Inteco, on the project IDTVOS , a STB for disabled people.
                                The old middleware was running on a Standard Def SOC (IBM STB25XX Vulcan), we are planning to do a port to a new generation HiDef SOC (STM ST710x) and release the next version before end of year 2010..
                                Let's hope to keep this deadline.


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                                  Hi ,
                                  I wrote some simple MHP applications using tools such as NetBeans, xletview, OpenMHP. Then tested them using DVB-T modulator and DTT-4500 Humax box.

                                  Now i like some other tools or devices to help development easier. Really it is hard to find out a dev-box. Some stbs have introduced as dev-box in this forum such as STRONG SRT 5510, ADB T75, ADB 3800/10T. These boxes support MHP 1.1, use ethernet connection for return channel. However by technical specifications go with them, Im not sure that they are designed for developer.

                                  Could someone tell me they can support uploading directly xlets from PC, or debug?

                                  Thanks in advandced.
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                                    hi nvn199,
                                    i've used these stb for developed mhp aplications, they support uploading xlets an info debbug without problem.
                                    i wish i can be helpfull
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