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    MHP Event Firing myself

      Hello, everyone.

      I got a question when I implementing a application for the MHP based product.
      Is there anyway to generate UserEvent in the code itself?
      I can add the keys and register EventListener, but I can't find how to send UserEvent myself.

      I would like to fire a event from the code, just like
      UserEvent ue = new UserEvent(. . . . . );
      Is there anyway I can do this? I can see only "get***()" methods UserEvent class.
      Maybe I should use another class to reach this.

      I would like get an event not only from human's key event, but also from the code(application) itself.
      Please help me.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Cant u just try calling the myApplicationObject.userEventReceived(ue). If you could give me some more idea about the application maybe i can hel better.
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            userEventReceived(ue) is just handling the userEvent, but I want to generate userEvent in the code not through remote controller. Therefore, I could make a same remote controller through the code.

            For example, if a send a command through network such as "volume up", my application would generate userEvent so that the TV would recognize as remote controller event. This would make a lot easier if I need to make some operations same as remote controller event through network.

            Is my information enough to understand? I hope so....