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    Deploying Java TV Applications

      Hey everyone.. I have just come across the Java TV API and I have a few questions about it. Hope I can get some help from here. After developing an program for Java TV, how can it be deployed in a DVB receiver or a set top box that supports java. do you need to talk to the manufucturer or do you deploy it yourself to the receiver. Also, if you need it should be done from the manufucturing company, how can it be tested on how good it works in a real life scenario..thanks alot
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          i can help you for the MHP DVB environment present in Italy and in other places.
          if you want to run an application on a MHP STB you ned to send it along the audio video broadcast through the DVB network using a DSMCC carousel server.

          you can do it of course in a LAB if you have a carousel server with a DVB modulator card on board driving directly the STB, for demo purpose.

          hope it helps.


          andrea venturi
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            so do you actually have to do this in a lab or is there anyway you can do it in a room by maybe connecting the receiver to a PC, play around with it then try it out on a TV? thanks
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              there are many kind of STB on the market here in Italy.
              if you want to test an application over all the pool (as they behave differently..) you have to use a DVB modulator card and create a real broadcaster multplex in the lab.
              anyway, you can upload an interactive application through the serial port on few development decoders like the [Adb Global|https://store.adbglobal.com] used to be on sale there.
              they were quite useful for first level testing and bug fixing but actually the MHP models went out of sale.
              maybe you can still find some OCAP stuff, but they are pushing more on the IPTV environment. what a pity.
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                Hi joshmo,

                I am just eager to learn Java TV technology. But I couldnt get right site to help me on this. Could you provide me some basic knowledge on this technology and some application to play around. If possible, send me to my mail id: sownaRajkumar@gmail.com

                Thanks In Advance.

                Warm Regards,
                Rajkumar sowna