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    Develop Resident Application on IP STB

      First of all, I apologize if my questions are lame or if I'm in the wrong forum, but since it's a complicated subject I may have misunderstood some concepts. Besides that, I believe you guys can help me out a lot.

      We're starting a development projet for a VOD system that should run on IP Set-top Box, and I need some help.

      We're evaluating some HD Media Players (IP STB) - mostly based on Sigma Design (probably EM8620 series - EM8622L or EM8623) - which runs uClinux.

      What we are trying to do is similar to VUDU:
      - STB should have a resident application (monitor application) which should run on startup
      - Application will browse through a movie catalog
      - Ethernet (or wifi) should be used as internet conectivity
      - Movies can be downloaded or streamed
      - This resident application should be automatically upgradeable over ethernet
      - If possible, we want the downloads to be on a USB pendrive (instead of having a HDD)
      - If possible, ftp server like Tvix (http://www.gendvd.com/product.asp?id=1108)

      My questions:

      1) Can all of these features be achieved by using only GEM specification?
      I mean, if we get a GEM/MHP 1.2 compliant middleware, we can achieve all those functions (Ethernet, USB/HDD, Upgrades, Resident Application) by using only MHP functions (JavaTV, MHP-PRV, JMF, Havi, Davic) in a Xlet?

      2) Or some of these functionalities aren't defined by GEM / MHP ? In that case do I need Sigma SDK for that?
      Who provides this SDK, the chipset manufacturer or the middleware vendor?

      3) In this case of using a SDK, will a GEM/MHP compliant middleware be useful at all?
      I mean, if the SDK is C-based, then all my code will be specific to Sigma chipset and won't rely on GEM/MHP functions, to it won't be reusable, so no GEM/MHP compliance is needed at all, and I'm free to choose any Middleware with or without GEM/MHP.

      4) Is it possible to have digital receiving (free-to-air HDTV) by plugging a USB Tuner on this device? (like Tvix - http://www.gendvd.com/product.asp?id=1108)
      Functions like channel selections and PVR could be achieved by using JavaTV or necessarly I should use the (middleware's?) SDK?

      5) Are there any recommendations for low-end STBs/Middleware that would fit my needs?

      6) I'm aware of differences between Commercial STB and Development STB. However, how does the development cycle works?
      I mean: After buying a Development STB and having finished my application, how can they be deployed to Commercial STB ?
      Is there any way of developing on a Commercial STB? (some Commercial devices were already ordered)

      I really appreciate your help.
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          Hi Kleins,

          Apparently, we too have been working on a simlar kind of VOD development project and not surprisingly we too are facing the same set of problems. As seen, your post is dated almost 5 months back. I guess you must have got some solutions to the stated queries. Could you please throw some light on the solutions?


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            I have a Amino and a Motorola IP STB. I am also trying to develop a client application to play Muliticast (Live ) TV Streams. I am basically a software develper with knowledge in J2EE, PHP etc.

            Can you give me some clues where to start or what tools I need to develop such a client application.

            Appreciate any help you can give


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              Hi guys i am also looking for the same kind of information. i also need to setup MHP using svg, dont know where to start, if u have any knowledge update to me also.

              thanks in advance
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                Welcome to the forum. Please don't post in threads that are long dead. When you have a question, start your own topic. Feel free to provide a link to an old post that may be relevant to your problem.

                I'm locking this thread now.