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    How can I get org.ocap.storage package file?

      I'd like to add org.ocap.storage package in my develope environment.
      but I don't know where i can get this package file(jar).
      please, let me know where it is, genius!

      javac Noname.java

      Noname.java:10: package org.ocap.storage does not exist
      import org.ocap.storage.*;
      1 error

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          I think that this package must be in BD-J JAR which you can get it in this link: http://blu-raydisc.info/license_app/javadocstubs_apps.php

          First you have to fill a form and then you could download this JAR.

          I hope it would be useful for you

          Aitor Peña

          PD: I arrive to this site through this other forum post: http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEA-19856

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